What Will it Take to Restore the Klamath River?

Following the passage of the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act, News outlets, Organizations, and Agencies began to speculate the impacts the Act could have on America's Rivers. $162 million of the package has been allocated to the Klamath Basin for River restoration activities. What sort of projects will receive funding has yet to be determined, and U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service will be the ultimate deciders. We encourage you to read "Small fortune headed to Klamath Basin for ecosystem restoration" to learn more.

In addition to the infrastructure funds, the Bureau of Reclamation recently announced $2.7 million for the Klamath River Coho Restoration over the next three years. The potential for additional restoration projects on the Klamath River, in conjunction with Dam Removal, inspires some hope after such a dire summer. California Fish and Wildlife only just this month released 1.1 million juvenile chinook salmon into the Klamath River after dismal water conditions halted their summer release.

Long-form pieces reflecting on the impacts of this summer's drought in the upper Klamath Basin continue to pop up. Read the Washington Post piece below if you are out of the loop on that. And if you're interested in learning more of the history that led to this summer's troubles, check out the piece by The Counter.

If you need a better understanding of why river restoration is so critical, read "No Fish Means No Food" to glean a better understanding of how the Klamath River's health is intricately tied to the health of the people who live on it.

-Klamath News


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