Recovery on the Klamath

News sources teemed with stories of recovery this week. From updates on river restoration and wildland fire management in the lower basin to strategies on addressing botulism in waterfowl and land rights in the upper basin.

Local news sources reported that the Klamath Dams are on track for removal in 2023, pending the Federal Regulatory Commission’s final approval. The Commission is slated to release an Environmental Impact Statement early in 2022 – we note this is the third EIS pertaining to the dams drafted since 2004. The public will be asked to comment. After a successful EIS report, FERC can approve Pacificorps’ application for surrender, and dam removal preparations would start next fall.

The Klamath River also made an appearance on the national stage, with Ron Reed appearing in a Good Morning America news segment on the state of salmon populations in the Klamath River.

Also - if you haven't seen the film "Gather" - we recommend you do. We dropped a review from the NY times from last year if you need convincing. The film came out in 2020, but it just made it to Netflix this month and is worth a watch.

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